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PAWA Press Releases (PDFs)


ANA honors Prof. Okai

3rd October, 2016 | PDF | 357kb

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PAWA:22nd International African Writers’ Awards Ceremony

4th Feb, 2016 | PDF | 397kb

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PAWA Congratulates Margaret Busby

30th April, 2015 | PDF | 590kb

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PAWA Congratulates Nigeria

7th April, 2015 | PDF | 578kb

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PAWA statement on the passing away of Mallam Abubakar Gimba

24th March, 2015 | PDF | 597kb

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Statement by PAWA on the International African Writers’ Day, 2014

6th November, 2014 | PDF | 736kb

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Nadine Gordimer, South African author, dies at 90

15th July, 2014 | PDF | 233kb

Download -: The New Crusading Guide

Anti-Apartheid author Nadine Gordimer dies

15th July, 2014 | PDF | 150kb

Download -: Daily Guide

From African Writers, honour for Achebe, Jonathan

21st March, 2014 | PDF | 265kb

Download -: The Guardian

African writers to immortalise Achebe

20th March, 2014 | PDF | 178kb

Download -: Nigerian Pilot

Jonathan blames poor reading culture on internet, social media

19th March, 2014 | PDF | 192kb

Download -: Nigerian Mirror

Jonathan to make 'bring back the book initiative' national programme

19th March, 2014 | PDF | 143kb

Download -: DAILYSUN

PAWA honours President Goodluck Jonathan

March 2014 | PDF

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Pawa Celebrates Professor Kofi Awoonor

4th November, 2013 | PDF | 500kb

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On the occasion of the celebration of the 21st International African Writers' Day, the Pan-African Writers' Association (PAWA) is organizing a Night of African Poetry to celebrate the life of the distinguished African writer, literary critic, scholar and statesman, Prof. Kofi Awoonor.

Embassy of the State of Palestin, on the passing away of Prof. Kofi Awoonor

24th September, 2013 | PDF | 138kb

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Condolence message

ANA on the killing of Professor Kofi Awoonor, Poet and African Statesman

23rd September, 2013 | PDF | 230kb

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We received with terrible shock the news of the death of Professor Kofi Awoonor, Ghanaian poet of
no mean stature and foremost African writer of great influence, which occurred on September 21,
2013 at the Westgate Mall terrorist attack in Nai.robi.

Pawa statement on the passing away of Prof. Kofi Awoonor

22nd September, 2013 | PDF | 115kb

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The writers of Africa have learnt with utmost grief of the untimely passing of one of our elders. Prof. Kofi Awoonor, in the ongoing terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya.